Jun 10, 2011

Gems : Do Not Care About What People Say

It is said Juha once mounted on his donkey while his son walked by his
side. As they passed by another group of people the people said, "Look
at this inconsiderate father! He rides the donkey in comfort while his
son is walking by him in the sun!" Juha heard them, stopped the
donkey, dismounted and let his son ride instead.

They continued on, and as Juha felt better about himself, they passed
by another group of people. One of them said, "Look at this
disobedient son! He rides while leaving his father to walk in the
sun!" Juha heard them, stopped his donkey and mounted it along with
his son to save himself from people's criticism.

They then passed by a people who said, "Look at these inconsiderate
people! They do not have pity on the animal!" Juha then dismounted and
said to his son, "Dear son, please descend." The son descended and
began to walk by his father's side.

They passed by some people who said, "Look at these two foolish
people! They are walking whilst no one is riding the donkey! Why was
the donkey created if not to be mounted on?" Juha screamed, and
dragged his son. They sat beneath the donkey and lifted it up on their

[ref: Enjoy Your Life by Dr. Muhammad 'Abd Al-Rahaman Al-'Arifi]


very true!you can never satisfy people and should never try to satisfy people as at the end of the day one should try to satisfy Allah and not people.may we all learn from this inshAllah...

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