Jun 2, 2011

Excellence of Frequent Remembrance of Allah

Abdullah bin Busr (ra) reported that one of the Companions said:

"O Messenger of Allah! There are many ordinance of Islam for me. So tell me something by which I may hold tight. He (saw) said, "Your tongue should always be busy remembering Allah" Imam Ahmad 4/188 190 At Tirmidy 3375 Ibm Majah 3793

Allah(swt) enjoined the believers to always remember Him and He praised them for doing so as Allah(swt) said:

O you who believe! Remember Allah with much remembrance. And glorify His Praises morning and afternoon [the early morning (Fajr) and 'Asr prayers]. [Quran Surat Al-'Aĥzāb 33:41, 42]


JazakAllah khayr! Indeed, very short and sweet, masha'Allah :)

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