May 10, 2011

Recording - Muslim Woman, The Leader

This is a recording of the webinar 'Muslim Woman, The Leader' presented by Habibi Halaqas.

A free webinar that will leave Muslim women inspired and motivated to emerge as leaders within their spheres of life. The guest speakers were once regular Muslimahs who have over the past few years made an outstanding contribution towards the betterment of the Muslim ummah. They share their top tips and words-of-inspiration on how to become a leader and leave a positive legacy that will reap immense reward on the day of judgement inshaAllah. Join us to discover what it takes to succeed as a dynamic, inspiring leader.

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 salam! great webinar, mashalla may allah grant you further success! its amazing and inspiring to hear your stories mashalla.

what i didnt like about the lecture? i found the short bursts of super quick typing to be distracting

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