Apr 19, 2011

POEM: Death

by Hamdi Farha

Death does not scare me,
What makes me tremble with fear, and fills me with pain and anxiety
It’s what waits for me in the next life of eternity.

Have I really done enough?
Have I fulfilled my purpose of life?

Was I a good and obedient slave?
Or will my punishment start in my grave?

O Possessor of Majesty and Honor! When You send the angel of death for me
I pray that You grant me one last request and plea

When I meet him, and fear jams in my throat over my pending death.
And with each passing second it becomes harder and harder to take a breath.

And the echo of his uncompromising words still resounding in my ears,
While the utter sadness of time spent in forgetfulness wetting my face with tears.

I pray that You let my last ninety-nine breath be the ones I use to praise and Glorify You.

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Like ur words towards ur feeling about death ..many ppl say that they r fear from death but they didn't mention their feelings .. & y they are scared from it? i like ur point of view .. Keep on my sis. :)

maashaAllah tabarakallah, this is beautiful and thought-provoking poem, its a good reminder of the inevitable.

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