Mar 30, 2011

POEM: I couldnt even say I'm sorry, Mother

By Lyricall Gal

I know I hurt you with the words I say
I said I’d stay true and would always obey
But times came when those were just lies
I wish I wasn’t lame and didn’t hear your cries
The times I would ignore you and shout
Saying I was through and would walk out
Times when you sat down for me to talk
I used to frown and go for a walk
Always thought you were against me
How more wrong could I have been?
Because when the world was against me
You were still stood right next to me
I realised I could never pay you back
Then crying and asking why I ever did that
You’ve been through nine months of agony
You went through strain and then got me
Waking up to feed me in the night
Everything dark so you switched on the light
You tried forever to stop my endless cries
Until they swelled up: your eyes
You now cry and I’m the reason for yours
More and more pain to you I caused
You cleaned me and clothed me
You fed me and grew me
But I will never understand all you have been through
I’m full of disappointment as the hurt is not just a few
I will never be able to know or see
Until I have my own child with me
You were my strength when I was weak
To the length when everything was bleak
You were there for me you were unique
The times I was alone and afraid
When everyone left you stayed
I was weakened by anger and it would all just worsen
But you were there to listen to whatever was hidden
How badly I misunderstood you and only did argue
Like this I grew always running back to the crew
So easily I left your reassurance and comfort
I was becoming an expert in getting you hurt
You always forgave me and everything that I did
I constantly hid away from you like a little kid
All the harsh words I did say all day everyday
Went the wrong way was being led astray
As a result I did repay when it happened someday
I felt so lost and alone
I felt so cold on my own
I lost track because of the crack
I desperately wanted you back
Being full of hate now it’s too late
To be with you just us two
I wish everything I could undo
Back then I didn’t have a clue
My only chance with you I blew
Regretfully chose my friends over family
On them I would depend thinking I was free
Always ignored the part within that was missing
Again I want to start without the faulting
I want to see your face glowing not hurting
I want to see it smiling not crying
I guess I won’t be able to see it at all
Only memories of you I recall
The higher I flew the harder I fell
I could not even wish you farewell
Now there is no one there to tell
Times when I am not feeling well
I lost the chance to appreciate your love
Because you left and have gone above
Everything you did for me I was too blind to see
The reality check made me lonely it hurt so badly
If only I could go back and wake up earlier
But I’m too late this life has a timer
I wish we could’ve spent more time together
So I wouldn’t have to stay in regret forever
Wish you could stay some more
Before you left through the door
It was unfair because you were not there
Back then I didn’t care but now I am aware
Every action has a consequence
I thought that was just nonsense
Well nothings real unless you experience it
This struck me like being hit with a brick
I was a candle unlit
I was a broken culprit
If I saw you just once more
I would never let you go
I am hurting inside mummy
Time went by so quickly
I couldn’t even say I’m sorry
I learnt to appreciate what I got
What seems little is actually a lot
Especially if you can have it just once
You don’t want to miss that special chance
Last thing you need is regretting their absence.

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Masha'Allah, it is amazing. A mother takes care of a child hoping the child will live, yet the child as an adult hopes to take care of a mother until she dies. May Allah help us take advantage of caring for mothers. Excellent piece, masha'Allah.

Subhana Allaah!...beautiful ...beautiful writing. we Must not take anything for granted for Allaah is in control of all things. We must learn to apppreciate our mothers while we have the chance. Allaah is our Ar-razzaq ( provider) and he has provided us all with mothers. So, love them appreciate them, respect them,..and show them that you feel all of the above.

Aameen @ Umm Amin

May Allaah help us to remember the very importance of mothers in Al- Islaam.
Allahumma Aameen.

Thanks for posting (smiles)

Subhan'ALLAH sister. This poem really touchy.....and subhan'ALLAH it made me really realize what my mother do with me and I don't see. Alhamduillah I feel this poem is really great.

Jazaaki ALLAH Khyran and Baraaka ALLAH Feekum

MashaAllah. Very very touching and emotional. Live and care for your parents and elders always inshaAllah :)

It made me cry..even I love my parents and I do everything..still i felt the pain through out the lines....

SubhanAllah this brought tears to me eyes! The truth and honesty written in this poem reflects on my life as I entered teenhood. Alhamdulilah I have learned from my mistakes, and regret engulfs me everytime I remember being mean and harsh to my mom. I regret it sooo badly I cant believe I did that. I feel so bad and hurt, and I just wonder how my mom was able to deal with that harshness. I love my mom with all my heart, and I cannot imagine my life without her. It's too much to think about. May Allah (swt) reward every mother with jannat-ul-firdous! Ameen.

Beautiful poem, masha'Allah. JazakAllah khayr Ghurabaa! :)

SubhanAllah...this is simply so brilliantly written..simple words..but the purity of these words stand out in the article..the sentences are filled with emotions..not flowery words.. I really have no words for this!! LOVED IT, mashaAllah !!!!

this brought tears to my eyes.. i am so sorry, sis... i can almost feel ur pain. even i never got along with my mom (now i am married and away), but alhamdulillaah she is still alive. alhamdulillaah. i hope i can do justice to her. sis, keep praying for your mother, every day.  

Mash'Allah its written beautifully with day to day examples and such a touching piece. X

Tears fill me eyes as I write this. Beautiful. 

the love of a mother is beyond compare.  

SubhanAllah...beautiful poem. Brought tears to my eyes. Having a mother is truly a blessing..but one does not appreciate a blessing until it is taken away from you. May Allah reward all the mothers with Jannah! Ameen!

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