Feb 19, 2011

The Team of Habibi Halaqas

Habibi Halaqas consists of a staff of over 50 dedicated people who are striving to take this project to even bigger heights. Jazzak Allah khair to all of you!

If you are someone who is looking to professionally get involved in areas of video making, graphic designing, magazine editors, column writer/editor, article authors, public relations work for immense ajr from Allah, limited monetary perks and professional descriptions for your resume/biodata then simply email habibihalaqas@gmail.com with your area of interest!

The Founder of Habibi Halaqas, KA is an engineer by profession and holds a Bachelors in Islamic Sciences. She is also a professional makeup artist and looks forward to increasing Muslim sisters' self esteem through her new venture: http://beautyglamsham.com . She also has a diploma in Indian Cooking and offers classes in Indian Cuisine in Greater Toronto Area - http://learnindiancooking.com .

"I'm Melody a university student currently studying in the UK. I love to write, write and write! I like to analyse and ponder over life and the Glorious Qur'an, and my writing gives me that flexibility to expand on my ideas. This is something I wish to share for the benefit of this Ummah, insha'Allah."

Nur is in her last year of high school and is also completing an Islamic Certificate course with Alhuda Institute. Nur aspires to publish books of her own one day. You can check out some of her other writing pieces on her blog: http://sharethekhair.wordpress.com/

Nasmira Firdous is a Nutritionist and Health Writer by profession. Currently pursuing her Bachelors of Arts in Islamic Studies from Islamic Online University, she believes in balancing deen and dunya to climb the ladder of success. Passionate about painting and blogging, she loves to string her thoughts together by writing articles that would empower Muslims with beneficial knowledge and graceful confidence, helping them become the torchbearers of Islam. http://diffrntstrokes.wordpress.com/ gives a sneak peak into her world.

Sabina Giado is a writer, comedienne and Muslim woman with a high tolerance for humanity. Her vision is to create world-class media content for Muslims that puts the fun back into fundamentalism - or, less glibly, turns entertainment into Ibadah.

Shazia Arif is student, who is hoping to bring about a change about the perspective of Islam in the West through her writings and the career she pursues. She spent 2 years amount of time studying Islam in Canada. She finds writing as her way of expressing her thoughts in a beautiful manner. She loves meeting new people, baking, reading and swimming!

My name is Sabeen Mansoori and I am a homeschooling mother, a certified teacher and currently a student of AlHuda Taleem Al Quran course. I am passionate about writing and painting and my love of both has intensified as I humbly strive to understand my place in the universe through the words of Allah (swt). I strive to discover and implement 'ihsaan' (excellence) in my life and share my reflections on my blog ihsaanlife.com

My name is Alawiya Abdalla, I am a housewife and a mother of two (Dalia and Yassine) I am from Barawa (Somalia), lived in Egypt for 13 years and then came to live in England since 1998. I am one of six sisters, and I have been writing since the age of 12 years but never had the chance to showcase my writing due to my studies. I have a degree in Travel and Tourism, and I have been posting stories on Facebook for the last 2 years and haven't stopped ever since Alhamdulilah. I am an advocate for Autism, which I am fiercely passionate about.

Amatullah Aminah - A Slave. That’s my identity; a role which I keep closest to my heart out of many roles Allah swt has blessed me with.  After earning my bachelors degree in commerce I chose to do my post graduation in Islamic studies. A wide array of subjects interests me, the favorites being religion, history, literature, health sciences (yes! I am an annoying health freak who loves chocolates), philosophy, psychology, economics, politics and photography. Of late I have developed an astounding amount of interest in cooking too.  However Islam remains my first and last love…

Mila Filza was born and raised in the Netherlands and aims to spread the message of Islam through her photography and writing. Her main goal is to please Allah and she hopes that by spreading the message of Islam through her works will benefit the ummah insha Allah.

A. Ali, alias Abbie, is a creative writer based in the USA. The Habibi Halaqas' Self-Esteem Series was her debut into writing for personal management and self-development of Muslim women. She has been writing for Habibi Halaqas since 2010. Abbie has a passion for creative writing, good coffee, digital photography, cooking, and crafts. She authors an Islamic writing blog, Sisterly Yours (www.sisterly-yours.blogspot.com), and an adventure blog, Abbies Adventure Diaries (www.abbiesadventurediaries.blogspot.com) dedicated to a sisters' audience. Working towards an MBA in Human Resource Management, Abbie also writes for Productive Muslim and runs a Facebook Page, Sisterly Yours (www.facebook.com/SisterlyYours)

With a background in science then later venturing into business & education; Amina E has a passion for learning, creativity & entrepreneurship. Also having worked with people of all ages, pre-school to teens and elderly; She enjoys supporting others & sharing knowledge. Great lover of pasta & bookstores; dreams about skydiving someday

Asrar has an Associates degree in human behavior studies and is currently pursuing her career in Islamic studies with a Major in Islamic Psychology. She is a mother of two and homeschools her daughter.She hopes to teach Islam to non Muslims and Muslims through her writing as well as speech in hope they can perceive the beauty and truth in Islam

As-salaamualaikum! Here is just another striving muslimah who is trying her best to make a difference; who simply wants to keep smiling and climbing through the world's sometimes cacophonous ways. - Farheen

Ruby is currently a student at UCLA studying English. She hopes to become a historical fiction writers for young Muslim girls, teach, and possibly begin a bakery business. When she's not in class, volunteering, reading or writing, she loves to bake, decorate cakes, take pictures, travel, and spend time with her family and friends

Aasiya Maryam is a software engineer by profession. She treasures the free time she gets to share with her nieces and nephews. Passionate about graphic designing, reading and writing, she is constantly in pursuit of peace, which she believes can be achieved only with closeness to Allah (swt). She shares Islamic articles from across the web along with tit-bits of her journey from darkness of dunya to finding peace in light of deen on her blog: http://dunyatodeen.wordpress.com.

Yasmin Ahmed is a qualified teacher, trainer, mentor and Life Coach. She believes everybody is unique and has amazing potential. Follow her blog on http://unique-yoo.blogspot.co.uk

Assalamualakum everyone:) I'm Mabrouka Al-Tajoury, a Libyan Muslimah. Currently doing my MA in Applied Linguistics and a 24/7 full time humbly proud crazy rockin' Muslimah. My motto is: 'Life is not about doing what pleases you or people; life is about doing what pleases Allah'. Sincerely give your WHOLE life, every inch of your heart, yourself to Allah and overflowing nour of His unlimited peaceful light and contentment will be your reward. Go to Allah, and He will be with you, by you, there for you. From the deepest core of my heart, I wish EVERY single soul on this earth true righteousness of unlimited light - super ameen. ]PEACE[

Glib (my pen name :P) is a junior in high school who enjoys reading, hands-on work, and makeup; writing is not a hobby, but a skill she continuously aims to refine. Glib also enjoys spending time with her family and seeks to positively influence people around her, which is one of the reasons she has chosen to write for Habibi Halaqas.

Tara DeLancey AlOmari is a freelance writer from Colorado (USA). She currently resides in Swansea, Wales with her husband and son.

Muaaza Essop - I'm a food-lover of note!I like learning in general.I reside in South Africa. I love my family, and believe that we can all make a happier existence with a bit of kindness, forgiveness, tolerance and a lot of love. Smile at someone today.Help someone with a little task,visit someone nobody normally does. and love the joy that fills your heart.

An Ghela is graduate student with a BA in Psychology and Foreign Languages. She resides in New York, where she became a Muslim after 9/11. She has a strong interest in Journalism and Languages; her goal is to use her skills to create bridges between Muslims of all different backgrounds inshaa’Allah. She also wishes to use the web as a network to connect the muslim community as well as to discuss issues that affect it and create solutions based on our beloved Deen. 

My name is Binta Diop and I'm a muslima living in Atlanta, Georgia. I currently work as an Accountant for the Canadian Consulate and work both in French and English. I am fully bilingual in both French and English. I would love to contribute and use my love for writing in any way that could be beneficial to the ummah.

She finds humans interesting, but have trouble understanding them, amazing as it seem, they also find her alien. Cause two roads diverged in the woods , and she took the one less traveled by and that has made all the difference - As now she dreams 24/7 of Stars, Nebulae and para-para paradise! Pervisha Khan , Mphil in Mass Communication, Research. Interests versatile! You can't possibly count so lets just skip that and say Assalam o alaikum! :)

Shamsiya Noorul Quloob is a child psychologist by profession and a free lance writer for Times of India. She loves reading,cooking and aspires to be an activist for domestic abuse awareness and help. A hafidha in making she believes in living one day at a time.

Umm Amal – Alhamdulillah, I embraced Islam at the age of 17 and my family is of Iranian descent. I had the blessing to study Arabic for 2 years - I feel that learning Qur'anic vocabulary and basic Arabic grammar is important in order to strengthen and beautify our connection with the Qur'an. I enjoy taking Qu'ran classes online at Studio Arabiya  (www.studioarabiya.com) and gazing at the beautiful nature around us. I'm just another Muslimah trying to live as a slave/worshipper of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala.

SisterSunshineSmiles is a novice at authoring, hoping to make a difference, touch lives or send out a message with every write....and to top it with HH...for a nobler cause inshaAllah! When it comes to acquiring knowledge, Ignorance can never be bliss. So she hopes for this to be a blessed, successful, fruitful and educational experience for you,the readers as well as her, the writer.

Jean D. Cooksey "Has degrees in International Studies, Nursing, and a minor in Arabic. Works as a pediatric nurse but prefers spending time with her own kids! Loves to learn and get inspired about Islam. Enjoys nature, cooking, travel, reading, learning about different cultures/languages, and arts and crafts. Currently living in the Pacific Northwest, USA.

My full name is Seema Muhammad Belushi and I live in Dubai,UAE with my Parents..I am a student of Taleem ul Quran in Markaz Al Huda which is a non-profit Islamic Center. AlHamdullilah! I am a born Muslim but was not a "practicing" one until I started learning the Qur'an some time back which changed my life completely,before that I was working in the Airline Industry for couple a years. My hobbies are reading (which is mostly Islamic stuff),writing and Traveling.

Juli Herman is a Malaysian stay-at-home homeschooling mother of five currently living in the Southwestern desert of United States. When she has free time, which is very rare, she loves delving into creative pursuits such as baking, cake decorating, writing, blogging, sewing, coming up homeschooling activities etc. She is currently doing Taleem Quran with Al Huda Institute, and hopes to remain a student of Quran for the rest of her life. She occasionally blogs at juliherman.wordpress.com

I'm a mother of 3, Alhamdulillah, a student of Islamic Studies from IOU currently, and reside in KSA. Love gaining Islamic knolwedge from anywhere, reading in general, and writing. I like to volunteer for Islamic causes online too. - Umm Adil

Thaminah Choudhary - “The world is a prison for the believer and a paradise for the unbeliever” (Saheeh Muslim) This Hadith made me realise about this life and how short it is. I long to return to Allah one day, in the meanwhile I try to invest in the hereafter. One of the things I have invested my time in is studying Alimi (Islamic Theology) which I appreciate every word that is being taught. I also do calligraphy which I give to charity auctions. Another hobby I do is helping Islamic secondary girls schools in my area . One thing is a must for me in my daily life is reading Quran and contemplating over its meaning. Literally I try my best to put my life around Allah, and I am hoping to share my love for Allah with Habibi Halaqas and the sisters around the world. Spread the love of Allah and in return you will gain love from Him.

My name is Amina, I am a Nigerian, married with a gorgeous baby girl. I have a bachelors degree in English Language and a Masters in International Relations. I love reading anything that has to do with women in Islam and I'm grateful everyday for being a Muslim.

My name is Ganna Al-Mansoub, 22 years old, and am the 2nd oldest of 8 kids, mashaAllah and alhamdulilah. I am majoring in Near Eastern Studies, as well as Languages, at Wayne State University in Michigan. One thing about me is that I enjoy learning about Islam and Islamic history. Aside from that, I enjoy learning the Arabic language, and translating. I hope, bi’ithnAllah, to get my certificate in translation next year! I am very keen about learning as much as I can about Islam, and how to better myself as a Muslimah. May Allah (swt) increase us all in beneficial knowledge, and ease our journey to get to where we want. Ameen.

Zainab Moh - I'm from Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean. My interests include reading, writing poetry, cooking, sports, the beach and so many other things Alhamdulillaah. I try to do the best that I can with everything that I do

Rukshana is grateful to be part of an awesome team that works hard to keep our Muslim sisters connected! She currently lives in New York City and her many interests include reading, writing, teaching, and learning.  She looks forward to contributing her talents that Allah subhaana wa taa'ala has blessed her with and also to keep learning from other Muslimahs!

Customer Service Professional, Dreamer, Humanitarian, Bookworm, filmmaker & animation enthusiast, Fitness freak, Travel lover, Seeker of beneficial knowledge (of deen & dunya) and to add another skill to my kitty, a Transcriber. My little feet are trying to find its Path. I kinda like being confused. It makes me try new things (a quote from yours truly)" - Nehan Saud.Dubai, UAE 

Reham Monier : An Egyptian Architect, currently working at the renovation and development of suburbs.  Reham has multi-interests, ranging from; philantrophy, human development, fashion, hand crafts, photography, teaching and all that enrolls under 'Art'. Graphics designing is her true passion.

Asalaam alaikum, I am Afrah, just another sister trying to strive in the path of Allah with my work. I like cooking/baking, designing and listening to Islamic lectures online.  

Farah, student and entrepreneur with a love for Islam, da'wah, philanthropy, languages and world peace. I dream to inspire changes in the Ummah, and shall take baby steps everyday until this dream materializes. I want to die with my forehead on the ground,the Sunnah in my heart, Allah on my mind, the Quran on my tongue and tears in my eyes. "So glorify the name of thy Lord Most High." (Qur'an 69:52)

My name is Moumina, I am a mother of 2 childrens.  I am research scientist. I speak Arabic, French and English. My objective in this life is  to be a "life maker" and a: love luminary", by spreading the love and peace of our Islam. May Allah subhanahou wa taala guide us all to the right path and help us to be loving and responsible persons in this life.


As salamu aleycum wr wb all my lovelies :)

May Allah bless us all and purify our intentions for his sake only..

So proud to be a part of this team :)
Such talented and amazing sisters!
HH is my team and my family fillah - really very glad i got to know you all finally! alhumdulillah

May HH reach the epochs of success with ease and may our efforts benefit alot of muslimahs out there ameen ya rabbi :)

please feel free to add me up on facebook

Alhumdulillah again for such gr8 team members and summa alhumdulillah for kanika who started HH and gave us all the oppurtunity to do what we are doing :)

May Allah be our guide and shield through out ameen ya rabbul alameen :)

<3 <3 <3

Assalamoalekum all! This is such a beautiful team! I am honored to be a part of such ambitious and devoted ladies.

Assalamu alaykum wa rahmatullah everyone! :)

Alhamdulillah! HH team is full of diversity and talent. I think it will be quite a good learning experience, insha'Allah!

Assalaamu 'Alaikum sisters. I'm also honoured to be a part of this team. I'm thrilled to be doing something I enjoy and especially, to be doing it in the path of Islaam Inshaa Allaah.

May Allaah continue to guide us all. Ameen

Wow, Masha'Allah! You're such an incredible and large group working together. May Allah add Barakah to your efforts and reward you all without measure, ameen!

Asalaamu alaykoum. I am not yet Muslim, but will be converting soon, insha'Allah. I enjoy reading all the posts here, and now that you have introduced yourselves, I would just like to say that I think you are a group of amazing women. I am more anxious now than ever to say Shahadah so that I may be blessed enough to be part of a community that includes such a wonderful group of women. Thank you. Debbie

Thank you Debbie for your kind words! :) We wish to hear more from you soon insha'Allah.

I am so happy to see my sister's(Shaharban hameed) name here as part of a beautiful team.May Allah bless you all with his choicest blessings.....Aameen

Read the works of most of you...subhanAllah, I must say this is a super Eemanfully-charged group of wonderful sisters. Mashaa'Allah la quwata illabillah. It's an honor to be part of the team.

May Allah SWT resurrect us amongst the Prophets, the martyrs, the righteous and the truthful ones.Ameen.

Many duaas for your success.
Wasalamu alaykum warahmatullah,

Ruby Di! I is in tears to see you here!

kudos and much duas, to all in their individual aims and endeavors with this page/site, inshaAllah.

to better tomorrows for us all, under the One True Light and Refuge/Mercy... Ameen!

~ FiamaanAllah :)

Aaslam U Alaikum Wa Rehmatullah!!!

I am gald to see all of you in this Halaqa.All of these sweet sisters are buzy in their homes but still want to devote thier part of time for Islam.

Welcome to this Halaqa:):)
May Allah accept your efforts and give you place in Janat ul Firdos...!!!
Aameen Allah Hum'a Aameen

Asslam..MashaAllah doing great job!

Mashallah !!!!!! its a blessing to be apart of such a diverse and qualified team..!!!!

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