Feb 15, 2011

POEM: ..........I am..........

by Shireen Baig

I am the tears that run down in streams on your face,
I am the reminder for you to lower your gaze.
I am the thought that keeps you awake at night,
I cause you to fear,to prostrate long and right.

I am what makes you get up to pray on a cold morning,
I am in your life a reminder, a blessing and a warning.
I will stay with you until your on your deathbed,
I am your best friend forever, I am your regret.


SubhaanAllah! Well portrayed. If a person is truly and sincerely feeling regretful this is exactly what he or she would feel like. I shall share this, iA, with my readers on Sisterly Yours.

Masha Allah! I want to share this too.

Amazin work !!!!!!!! loving Shireen's poetry !!!!!! MASHALLAH !!!!

This is a deep poem. Thought-provoking too. 
Masha'Allah, keep up with the good work.
As Salamualaikum.

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