Oct 15, 2010

Islamic Dating Webinar Recording

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This is the recording of the webinar 'Islamic Dating or Is there such a thing?' presented by Habibi Halaqas and Muslim Harmony.

The following video is password protected

The password for the following video can be found here: http://bit.ly/webinarpasswords

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I have attended Habibi Halaqas webinars before but this was one of a kind mashAllah. Sheikh Alaa Elsayed had a very good humored way of speaking. I enjoyed the whole thing alhamdulillah.
Dating and courtship are sensitive topics and it is very essential for every sister to know about the fundamentals of a Wali, the pre and post Nikaah interaction and the criteria for selecting a suitor.
A major point I did not know of was that you are allowed to beautify yourself for a prospective suitor.
jazakAllah khair for such wonderful efforts

"Sisters don't sweat, they glisten" .. teehee

MashaAllah, loved this halaqah.

I cant access the video even after typing the password.
Why is that?

Alhamdulilah.. thanks to Sheikh Ala Saeed. MashALLAH beautiful and in time of need thank you again!

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