Sep 17, 2009

Frequently Asked Questions about Habibi Halaqas

What is a Halaqa ?
Halaqa linguistically means to ‘link’ something and conceptually the term is used to describe a gathering of people, who have come together to discuss issues. That ‘link’ to ‘something’ is the networking of people.

What is the idea behind Habibi Halaqas ?
Habibi Halaqas is a for sisters-by sisters project where we conduct online lectures that usually take place once a month in the evenings (CST/EST time). Lectures are conducted ONLINE where you can view a visual presentation on the topic and also interact with other sisters from all around the world.

We have discussions on various topics such as Islamic Knowledge, Life Skills specific to Muslim sisters, Social Psychology, Self Grooming and more!

Our website also includes articles in English and various other languages, ebooks, Islamic picture reminders, videos, book reviews, interviews and an online magazine, alhumdulillah!

Here is our intro video:

Where does the name Habibi Halaqas come from ?
"Habibi" means beloved and "Halaqas" means a gathering of knowledge. Hence, Habibi Halaqas stands for a gathering of knowledge for my beloved sisters :)

What topics do you discuss in Habibi Halaqas ?
We have discussions on various topics such as Islamic Knowledge, Life Skills specific to Muslim sisters, Social Psychology, Self Grooming and more!

Who are the presenters for Habibi Halaqas ?
The presentations are done by qualified sisters who are experts in their field of study and/or shuyukh who have dedicated their life in learning and teaching Islam. We make sure that the information we provide is based upon the Qur'an and sunnah and that it is authentic and trustworthy.

Some of these sessions look very interesting. How can I access them ?
Powerpoint slides are available for all of our past sessions. Audio Recordings are available for some selected sessions. All of these can be accessed  HERE.

How can I receive your articles in my email?
Enter your email address HERE to keep up with our articles! You can choose to have them delivered to your email or read them online on an RSS reader etc.

Who are the people running Habibi Halaqas?
Meet our team members HERE. If you would like to join our team of directors, please email us at

I would like to help out the team of Habibi Halaqas. How can I do so ?

  • Join our facebook fan page HERE. Invite people to our facebook fan page and share the khayr. 
  • If you have a facebook account then mark yourself as "Attending" on our events HERE
  • Excited for the upcoming seminar ? Tell people about it by updating your status. 
  • Post a link to our videos on your walls.
  • On the facebook events, click "Invite People" and help us by inviting people you know to the event that aren't yet invited. 
  • Forward email information about our website and upcoming seminar to reach out to people. 
  • Put a link to our website's Upcoming Seminar info page on your Gmail Chat status. 
  • Follow us on twitter HERE 
  • Tweet, tweet, and tweet some more! 
How do I get in touch with the team of Habibi Halaqas ?
You can email us at or contact us through HERE

What have others said about Habibi Halaqas ? 
You can read testimonials of other sisters HERE

How can I attend the upcoming webinars ?


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