Sep 20, 2009

Tutorial: How to Apply Eye Make Up

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How to Apply Eye Make Up

by Aisling Douglas

While every look is different, it’s important to understand the basic areas for applying shadows and liners on the eye. In the near future, Habibi Halaqa’s will have more ‘how to’s’ on how to apply different eye shadow looks. These will range from basic, every day looks to more complex evening or wedding looks. Let’s take the time now to establish a map of the eye before we navigate this new land!

Eyelids – Pink, Green and Purple 
The part of the eye that blinks and is below the crease of the eyelid. 

Inner Eyelid – Purple 
This is the area of the eyelid that begins at the water duct and ends inline with the inside of your iris. Typically this is a lighter color. 

Middle Eyelid – Green 
This area is directly above the iris and pupil. Usually this is a medium tone, a few shades darker than the inner lid. 

Outer Eyelid – Pink 
This is usually begins on the outside of the iris and continues to the end of the lid (outer eye corner). Most often this is a darker color than the rest of the lid. 

Crease – Dark Blue 
This is where the eye naturally folds. It is usually a darker colour and sometimes matches the outer eyelid colour, or is a shade or two darker. The crease color can be blended upwards, or can be concentrated within the crease. A hard line here that hasn’t been blended – it looks like it divides the eyelid from the rest of the eye is called a ‘crease cut’. 

Brow Bone – Light Blue 
The brow bone begins just above the crease and extends just over the rounded part of the bone. Touch it and feel. Once the bone flattens out, stop applying colour. This color is either an extension of the crease color but very well blended out, or a shade similar to what is on the middle lid. 

Highlight – Yellow 
Usually a very light color – often a shade of white. It is just supposed to highlight the area. 

Inner Eye – Red 
Area around the tear duct. Often the same shade as the inner lid or as the highlight. 

Lower Lash Line – Light Purple, Light Green and Light Pink 
This area is directly on and a little below the lower lashes. Many people use color this area white for a fresh look, charcoal for a smokey look, or it can be a direct reflection of the colors on the eye lid (purple with light purple, green with light green and pink with light pink). 

Waterline – Orange 
Eyeliner is put directly on the waterline. Again, add white for a fresh look, black for a smokey look, or a splash of colour for a bold look. 

Remember, all of the colors should be well blended out so as to seem that they melt into one another. Look at the picture below, can you identify the areas and colors? 

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wow that was very scientific....thankx for the details

this is THE ULTIMATE tutorial :)


I loved it too! The details were awesome ma sha allah!

Glad you enjoyed ladies!

Oh wow I need to study this! I agree, very 'scientific', which means I love it!

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