Sep 22, 2009

Tip - Removing Eye Makeup

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Tip - Removing Eye Makeup
by Aisling Douglas

Here is a quick tip:

Instead of using soap on your eyes, use baby wipes. They are an inexpensive alternative to pricey eye make-up remover or the disposable cosmetic remover cloths. No more pulled out eyelashes or stinging, watery eyes after washing. Best of all, baby wipes are moisturized and formulated for sensitive baby bottoms - that's great news for your eyes!

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Jazakallah Khair! Another great eye makeup remover is olive oil. Sayeeda

waiyyaki ! and thanks for that tip! natural stuff is always a good alternative :)


@Riffat: Thats another awesome idea. Thanks! I am assuming vaseline works well too :)

Really any creamy/oily substance will work. I also used to use my favorite facial cream for AGES to remove eye makeup. I just find with baby wipes I lose the least amount of lashes :)

Subhanallah Aisling, I'm hearing a few people saying that they're loosing their lashes when removing eye makeup. So here's a trick that I do. I use a cotton ball and I go gently in a down wards motion.I try really hard not to apply a lot of pressure because the eye area is very delicate. And on the eye lid, I start from the inner corner an work my way out to make sure I get all the immpurities out and away from the eye. Hope this helps.

@Sayeeda: Thats another awesome idea. Thanks!

Asalamu alaikum

something i use sometimes to remove eye makeup instead of my facewash or soap is vaseline. just smear some over your eyelids and the surrounding area, wait a few minutes and then wipe off with a soft tissue.

@KnowledgeSeeker: walaykumusalaam, vaseline works wonderfully! I love it <3

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