Sep 21, 2009

She Walks in Beauty - Recording

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Masha Allah very informative....Thanks for sharing the different Techniques....will try some insha Allah i do wear makeup at home but very casual....i will try something different...May Allah reward you....Looking forward for Fiqh of Menstruation

Jazakallah khair!. I have one question if anyone can help.... what is the position as far as wudu is concerned? One of the main reasons i dont wear foundation/concealer and lipsticks in particular is because I just have to wash it off if I need to renew my wudu.
How do you get round this? Do you just keep applying it throughout the day or do you just put your makeup on in the evening? My husband is home a lot as he works from home most days!
Jazakallah khair

May Allah swt reward you for your informative article.I would like to ask you if the store bought cosmetics are halal and safe for our skin.If possible ,share a few homemade face scrubs,hair mask,etc which can be used without much worry.

Jazakallah sister.

May Allah swt reward you for yor informative article.I would like to know if the store bought cosmetics are halal and skin friendly.Kindly suggest a few homemade face scrubs,hair masks etc which could be used without much worry.
Jazakallahu khair sister.

@Fazeena: you are welcome! please let us know how it went for you in sha allah :) Ameen to your dua!

@Anonymous: That is hard subhanallah! The water has to reach your skin so in that case you would have to take it off and re-apply :( .. but try something more powder-based than cream-based and that might work better!

@mahdiya: ameen! please use for more information on that subject in sha allah. As for homemade scrubs in sha allah I will put up some posts on that matter soon :)

askm! mashallh u've really opened my eyes sister, 'coz...actually im still unmarried so, when im at home i just take my looks for granted 'coz its only me and my family after all and so i dress according to my comfortibility which i get only from wearing a maxi and wearing plated hair or i dont even plate them at times and just roll them and wear a band...'coz i dint know that that luking beautiful was also an inp part of our life. actaully thx to my best friend who told me about this..actually she used to advice me on dressing up propoerly, but then i really didnt take it very seroius but after hearing ur recording about this inshllah inshallah im surely gonna take a gud notice of it...thx to allah(swt)and my bestfriend and even u sister for helping me know the right thing ..'coz i waz doing just the opposite i feel, u know like getting ready only when its special occasion and parties at home or elsewhere and a complete opposite picture while at home with my family...well my moms sure to notice the change im gonna have ;coz she was one person alwayz behind me, scolding me about my negligence towards my appearence, anywayz thank u jazakallah khair....lukng forward to more of ur videos and articles inshallah...askm!

@Anonymous: ma sha allah sister ! it feels so good to know that the message touched your heart but more importantly that you are taking action once the knowledge came to you. our belief is all about taking action, alhumdulillah. jazzakum allahu khairan for your feedback :)

Masha'allah this lecture was very interesting. Jazakillahu khayran for sharing your knowledge about make-up alongside the rules of Islam. For me personally, the difficulty with make-up is knowing which products are best to use for my skin type etc and also putting the effort of wearing make-up everyday does not appeal to me as I'd have to continuously re-apply it after renewing wudhu. Insha'allah in the future I would like to learn more about skin care and hair care and also would be interested in learning in detail about manicure/pedicure etc. Once again jazakillahu khayran.
Asalaamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh =)

excellent presentation by kanika agarwal.I loved the way she started the presentation with sending salaams to our dear prophet.Masha allah!very neatly explained. loved the slides.

looking for part 2 for a detailed presentation on how to use manicure products and details.. Jazak Allah khair!


Barak Allahu Feek sister in Islam. Truly knowledge is nour. I have alhamdulilah learnt so much form you sister. May Allah almighty reward you for conveying your righteous message, mashAllah.

Sister, I do have a question concerning the cheeks. You said use a shimmer or illuminated cream/powder. Does this have color or is it see through?

JazakAllahu kaar.

Salam alaikum ...
I really have problems with this site. i can not watch a single recording, i get only black boxes where the videos should appear and nowhere to type a password or so. I even downloaded a new browser to try it.
Please help me.

Salaam i also am having problems accessing the recordings. I successfully listened to Fiqh of Menstruation but when i typed in the passwords to listen to "she walks in beauty" and "that covered girl" when i press play the video does not start.??

Any help would be great jazak Allah.

@Anonymous: glad you enjoyed the lecture. waiyyaki! in sha Allah we can talk about skincare in the future

@fehmina: thank you for your kind words! in sha Allah I am planning part 2 to come out sometime soon :) stay tuned!

@Mabrouka: ameen and jazzak Allah khair for your kind words! shimmer or illuminated cream/powder is usually sheer and has no color

@yvonne: everything seems to be working fine for me. I even got it tested by others. Please check your browser and make sure it is updated. If it doesnt work please email me at

@ASI: please refresh your browser and if tht doesnt work try a different type of browser hopefully it will work in sha allah. If it doesnt work please email me at

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