Sep 20, 2009

O Muslim Women of Knowledge!

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Written by Bintussabeel

O Muslim Women of legacy
O Women of knowledge, honour and dignity
The books on the shelves lay
Pleading to their Lord out of disarray
The term ‘liberation’ lies in decay
For you the shelves cry out each day
The world awaits your way
To pick up the heritage lost, forgotten and withered away… 
They define Islaam’s Scholars as Misogynist
Yet they have not enjoyed our history nor lived within its midst
So come with me and explore the lists
Hearts throbbing, their presence is truly to be missed…

When will you come forth to brighten the gloom? 
Amidst the so-called ‘progressive’ doom, 
Where are you O Women who carried knowledge within your hearts? 
And did not play with it like darts… 
Come again! Rise again! And once again rule the hearts. 

O Women of Knowledge 
O beautiful lakes from which only good flowed 
Your examples are alive and within the dark glow 
Causing Muslims to love your way 
And search for your example today 
Many sought knowledge within your presence, zealous 
Within Masjids that truly needed to be spacious… 

For you many stood from around the globe in a line 
To gain knowledge which you did refine and define 
Sahih Al Bukhari, Muslim and others full of light 
Are waiting for the female scholars once again to come and hold them tight 
Where is the knowledge that made men come 
Even if they possessed knowledge of great Height? 
Sincerely seeking knowledge for Allah alone, 
To whom belongs all might, 
- Humbly, meekly and standing in front of their Muslim Sister out of sight… 

The Niqaab was your shield 
And did not cause you to yield 
You spread the Words of the deen 
So they flocked from all corners so keen 

Your voices you did not decorate and manipulate 
Today, scarcely to be found 
Are characters so sound 
And such sincere knowledge spreading wide and far, 
Without tape recorders, internet or even the microphone! 
For the pursuit of knowledge you did not travel alone 
But with your mahrams or within the paradise of your homes 

We ask Allah to forgive us 
Since we are truly witnessing times which are tough 
The enemies of Islaam are becoming even more rough 
Making excuses to target Muslim Women and to have a laugh 
Because we have forgotten our legacies 
We have fallen into jeopardy 
Becoming targets for this kind of monopoly 

Let’s seek knowledge and defend our stance 
Using knowledge as our lance 
So as they watch and dance 
The legacies of our female scholars we bring back, 
Imitate… and enhance. 


Subhan Allah! Beautiful!

Glad you liked it! jazzak allah khair for dropping by Kamile and QueenKarimah :)

As salm o aliakum,read this poem,it is very apt.and in concordant to the situation around the world.It is becoming more and more difficult for muslim women to practice Islam.And the only solution is to make Islamic knowledge

Walaykumusalaam I am glad you liked it Afika...jazzak allah khair for your feedback - I completely agree with you!

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