Sep 21, 2009

My Hijab Story

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My Hijab Story
by Anonymous

I wanted to share my journey towards wearing hijab though its not very inspiring and I am kind of like not too proud of it. But here goes nothing.  My family does not properly wear hijab and I did not really bother about it and did not know how important it is for women to wear hijab. But I came to high school and some sisters and brothers told me about it. They also asked me to pray and all. So I got to know about it and started wearing. I liked wearing hijab but also sometimes missed old days and so it was really on and off even in high school. And while I was wearing it I got resentment at home as well, with my folks telling me that abaya is an alien dress which people wore in Middle East and that I am doing it a little too much.  But also when I took it off my mum told me that either I wear it or either I don’t because I would take it off and then start wearing it and mum told me that it was not good. I told her that I am trying to wear hijab. And then I graduated from high school and off the hijab go. Got into university took it off but then I also started getting real bad headaches. Literally went from family doctor to neurosurgeon but no one found anything. Deep down inside I knew what it was. Chain of events happened at the end of third year which cajoled me to pray regularly and all of a sudden I was in peace with wearing hijab. I felt comfortable and felt like wearing hijab was just me. Even in the past when I abandoned it I remember now that I would not really care about how I dress I mean I would not care about the colors I am wearing, won’t iron my clothes and all. I was not at peace with not wearing hijab. But AlhamduliAllah now I wear and I feel very beautiful and would die (metamorphically) before I quit wearing hijab. I think I realized what Allah Subhanwata’alla means to me and how I should respect Him and follow His Commands. Life is just empty without Him. AlhamduliAllah my headaches are gone now (like I did not know the pain will vanish!). To keep in touch with my faith and improve/strengthen my Iman I read Qur’an regularly and use facebook for daily reminders. Also, I have realized that we need to adjust our lives around Islam and not the other way around.

I hope and pray that Allah forgives me for my weaknesses and make me follow the straight path until I leave this world inshaAllah.


Ameen. JAK for the post. May Allah (swt) reward you tremendously.

Masha Allah. That is so beautiful

Subhaanallah I can soo relate to ur story ukhti I was like that aswell but my illness/condition symptoms r more severe n it starts wen I stop practicing !they say allah swt guides its ummah to the right path in different ways so alhamdulillah for this wake up call cas really n truely we r lucky ! May allah rabbi ya rahmaan guide us through dunya reward us wit jannah firdous inshallah ! Ameen <3

@Anonymous 1: ameen and waiyyaki!

@Anonymous 2: glad you liked it alhumdulillah!

@muslimah: thats so amazing ma sha allah! ameen to your dua :)

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