Sep 21, 2009

Give Yourself a “POP” of Colour

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Give Yourself a “POP” of Colour
by Marium Hussain

With the Spring/Summer collections being displayed at the Makeup counters, the colours are so eye catching. Beatutiful greens and blues and stunning pinks and purples. In all honesty, pulling off such bright colours really seems out of many of our comfort zones.

The “natural” look is definitely a safe zone, but from time to time you want to add some colour in your life....

Here’s a simple trick to add some colour without giving up your “neutral eyes” comfort zone.

Apply your neutral coloured shadows as you would normally do to the top eyelid, leaving the bottom lash line alone. Take a bright coloured shadow and apply that to your bottom lash line to give your eyes a POP of  colour :-)

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Perfect advice! Thanks Marium!

Im definitely gonna try this out! Thanks Marium =)

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