Sep 22, 2009

Beauty on a Budget: 120 Color Eyeshadow Palette

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Beauty on a Budget: 120 Color Eyeshadow Palette

By: Aisling Douglas

It is often quoted that beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. Well, today, beauty is on eye of the beholder.

I personally am a huge fan of eye shadow. Something about the whole process – from opening the palette, to applying and finishing – just feels so feminine. This is why when I buy makeup, I look for quality. There is nothing more disappointing than imagining a great new look and when you get down to applying, the products just don’t live up to expectations, especially when it comes with a hefty price tag!

When I heard about the 120 color eye shadow palette I was sceptical about the quality because it was so economically priced. As soon as I open the package and tried my first color I was more than happily surprised!

The palette was purchased from eBay for less than $25 with shipping from Hong Kong included. It came wrapped in loads of bubble wrap in a padded envelope. Not one color was cracked or damaged from shipping – it was in perfect condition. Shipping took about one week, much faster than the estimated shipping of up to 14 business days.

The colors are highly pigmented. The colors go on strong with or without an eye shadow primer.  The palette provides an excellent balance of shimmer shades and matte shades. What I absolutely love about this package is the amount of different colours. The shades range from as simple as your neutrals, to your staple pinks and edgy purples, to wild neon shades. Even better, the shades blend so easily!

120 colors is a lot, right? What would you ever do with so many colors? Well, that’s the beauty of it! You can only imagine until you try them! This is perfect for the girl who matches every purse to her shoes. Why not match your eye shadow too? No matter what sister’s event you are attending, or what new outfit you bought to wear at home, you will always have the eye shadow you need!

This is a definite ‘must have’ in my books. At less than $25, who can beat that deal! Just search ‘120 palette’ on eBay and you are all set! As a bonus, most sellers will include a free gift or two, like brushes or even additional make up! Enjoy!


masha'allah good job aisling!! l cant wait for mine to come in!!

it is a definite must have. i have this very same palette, and have done various looks (at home) using it. it comes out brilliantly. i have also used it when doing bridal make up on sisters that have requested me to do so.

Its a really good palette and also cost efficient.

iv ordered it for most of my friends also. its a nice gift to give. and yes they do sometimes give a extra gift too! :)

Sister Z

@Anonymous/Sister Z: Thats awesome! Feel free to send us some tips/ideas on how you use this palette!

WOW....impresssed! GOOD JOB AISHLING! yaaay. i wanna get one too now, lol

I have the 88 set and its amazing :) wish i could do better shading though.

@Shahin - I would advise you to get a good blending brush. I actually found a good one at the Dollar Store if you can believe it! It makes a big difference in the blending process and the end outcome. As well, if you are using sponge applicators, try a brush set. They are great for blending and turn out much better than sponge tipped applicators.

Which ebay seller did everyone buy theirs from? So I know which seller(s) is/are okay.

Salams how can I order and where from?

@Umm Nusaybah and Nurjahan: This is the ebay seller I ordered from: blue-arrow714 - hope this helps!

oo i want one! but there are so many of the same palette and I cant find the particular buyer you mentioned ... :( help anyone?

JazakuAllahu khayr! And found the seller!! =)

good job on the article.. very well done!!

@Umm Nusaybah yup thats the ebay seller I bought from!

Update: If you are skeptical of buying from ebay or do not wish to wait for shipping then you can buy from a local USA seller from Amazon - I have added the link at the end of the post. Enjoy girls !

Which brand is this product from?

I just recieved this product today. I ordered from the ebay seller blue-arrow714 as mentioned above and its a great product to have, the colours are beautiful. However, I would recommend using a primer alongside it. :)

@Anonymous: the product doesnt really have a brand. There is another seller who sells a "manly" brand set.

@Anonymous: thats wonderful! I received my set too. Im so excited =)

Habibi: hi der, wat do u mean by "manly" brand set? is this product is ok to side effects or allergies cause..:-)

@Anonymous: "Manly" is a brand of 120 eyeshadow set. The product is completely ok to use, I have been using my own and it works well, alhumdulillah! Do a test patch before you put it on your eyes, just to be sure.

Asalamu alaikum

i won mine today from ebay! cant wait for it to arrive! btw, any primers/base you sisters recommend from a drugstore at a reasonable price?

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