Apr 24, 2009

Aug 10: Guest Speaker tonight !

~* Habibi Halaqas *~ presents its Ist guest speaker !

Sister Heba Alshareef

Heba Alshareef is a teacher and writer who has been mentoring women around the world to discover their unique talents, act on their aspirations to achieve great things, and find authentic happiness. Her most recent work is the part narrative, part operational manual, part workbook, and all inspiration Release Your Inner Queen of Sheba! Procedure and Protocols to lead your best life! Other writing credits include UK based Sisters Magazine and islamonline, as well as a host of community newspapers, both Islamic and mainstream.

She regularily presents to female audiences on the value of harnessing the legacy of strong Muslim women from our past to move us forward in our present, to establish projects that serve humanity as well as finding balance within themselves and their families.

She regularily inspires women with updates on her personal blog at www.iamsheba.com.


“Become Fearless - It's what our Creator wants and what are Mothers Exemplified”

Tonight August 10, 7:30 PM CST inshAllah

If you would like to receive login info, click here.

Hope to see you there inshAllah !


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